What I Learned From Reading A Book Every Day For A Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It all started yesterday, when I had a burst of inspiration. How can I improve my life, feel superior to others, and immerse myself in new ideas all at the same time? Of course! Eureka! I need some sort of ridiculous challenge that takes a healthy and calming habit to a stupid extreme and eventually undermines the positive benefits that drew me to the activity in the first place! I thought this thought and pondered which activity I would drive myself to hate.

Turning around to make myself an Uncrustable, I found what I was looking for: a book. So I set myself to reading a book every day for as long as I could. My first task towards my goal: buying stuff. I purchased four shots of Nutella espresso, a new 100% llama silk neck pillow, and solar-powered feet warmers because I just can’t read without too much caffeine and sugar, a supported neck, and fiery hot feet. And then I began my reading journey.

And let me tell you, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is really a book of passion. Immersive. Breathtaking. Incredible narrative that really says a lot about society. I got lost in it, finished it in one sitting, and, upon snapping out of my reading-induced stupor, looked up at the clock to see that several minutes had passed!

Unfortunately, one day was all I could take before growing bored of the challenge, so here I am, telling you about the experience. I learned a lot: I learned discipline, I learned patience. And most importantly, I learned it in a box, and I learned it with a fox.

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