Best Apps For The Upcoming Apocalypse

Photo by MOHI SYED on

With climate change getting increasingly worse, it’s difficult to not be occasionally upset. Don’t fret though! These new apps will help you get through your work week and hopefully the rest of 2050.

Uber Raft 

With sea levels continuing to rise, the flooding can easily ruin your weekend plans. Fortunately, the Uber Raft App will now provide rafts to help you get to work, the gym, or bars! Each raft is equipped with a life jacket, helmet, and your professional rafter will make sure you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Rafts start at $300 per ride or you can be cost-effective with the Raft Pool option at $150. 

Meat Sweats 

Just because chickens are nearly extinct, and cows no longer exist, doesn’t mean you can’t get your meat fix! Meat Sweats delivers meat from the remaining pool of animals straight to your doorstep. Get your favorite meat either raw, curried, or simply spiced. You can get a monthly membership starting at $50,000 or pay per animal. 

Thirst Trap

Remember tap water?! Yes, most of the clean water supply is depleted and people are suffering around the world, but you can easily download Thirst Trap and the CEO of Nestle will fill up an 8oz bottle of water and ship it directly to your home. Limit 1 bottle per month and each costs up to $10000. Just remember Nestle must approve your application and once they do you can live like your favorite A-list celebrity or politician. 

Digital Zoo

If you miss polar bears, other bears, lions, tigers, eagles, peacocks, regular birds, whales, dolphins, small fish, cows, goats, etc. then download Digital zoo and spend hours looking at beautiful pictures of these once majestic creatures. For a few extra dollars a month, you can download the animal’s respective sounds to accompany each picture. 

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