The Top 5 Hottest Tinder First Date Spots: For Women!

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As a woman, dating can seem pretty daunting. Between dodging unsolicited dick pics and making sure to pack your pepper spray before you leave the house, it can be hard to remember the most important thing: to have fun, silly! When it comes to a first date, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your match is going to spike your drink or try to get you alone under a sketchy overpass. But, it’s 2019, and you’re tired of kidding yourself! You ARE worried. You are so, so worried. 

And that’s why we’ve got you covered with the top 5 first date spots for meeting a stranger! 

1.    Head to a Trendy Café. 

Nothing is more classic than a thoughtful conversation over a piping hot cup of Joe. Sure, this café is filled with unemployed hipsters responding to emails at the communal work table, but, even better, it’s also broad daylight. No need to worry about getting kidnapped here! 

Pro- tip: Coffee naturally helps you stay focused and alert, just in case you need to leave quickly!

2.    Meet Up At A Popular Bar For Happy Hour.

Bars are the perfect first date spot. They’re lowkey, convenient, and, on a Friday night, full of potential eye-witnesses! In fact, the more crowded the bar is, the less likely that your date will be able to slip something into your drink. Now that’s what I call a good night on the town! Just make sure you don’t wear anything too revealing or your date might take it as a sign that it’s okay to encroach on your personal space. 

Pro-tip: Bring your own drink from home with a secured lid, and, if you date gets within 6 inches of it, swat his hand away and yell “no means NO!” at the top of your lungs. 

3.    Visit A Local Museum.

You didn’t major in Art History for nothing, and now is the perfect chance to show off your knowledge at one of the most Instagram-worthy spots around. The art is beautiful, the museum is quiet, and there are security guards located by the doorway in every single exhibit!

Pro-tip: Since your date legally has to go through a metal detector, you won’t have to stress about any weapons he may be carrying!

4.    Explore The Zoo.

Rumor has it there are baby pandas at the zoo for another 6 weeks. That means it’s a great time to head on over and look at all the cute animals with your Tinder match! Like the art museum, security guards will be available throughout the exhibits, and, as an additional layer of protection, they’re all carrying grizzly bear tranquilizer guns. Phew! 

Pro-tip: If he so much as tries to forcefully push you into his car and/or van, you can just throw him in the gorilla enclosure. RIP Harambe but HELLO date safety, ladies!!

5.    Take a class together.

Ever consider taking a cooking class with your date? Well, we’ve got something even better: a 6-hour rape self-defense course! Think of it like hitting two birds with one stone—or, in this case, two rapists with one elbow. Work up a sweat as you get to know each other. Once you’re ready, volunteer your date to play the role of “predator”, strapping him into padding and knee guards, before practicing your groin kicks. 

Pro-tip: Before class starts and you’re forced to put your phone away, text your closest 17 friends to let them know where you’ll be! 

You can never be too careful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun, too — just as long as this guy never finds out where you live. Obviously. 

Paid for by the campaign for Elizabeth Warren for President 2020. 

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  1. Ok, I am married – very happily to David, but we met on Match and we met at a coffee shop. In fact that was my rule – first dates always at a coffee shop and only for one hour – that is all you need to know. Then when you get there tell them you only have 45mins – this was to help speed up the information phase. If there was a second date, it would be for lunch, no drinking until the third date – you could make a bad choice.


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