Come Visit My Empowering Feminist Co-Working Space, But First Can You Change Your Outfit?

Photo by Jopwell on

Becky, I’m so glad you decided to come with me to my new feminist-co working space! It really is a welcoming, forward thinking, feminist safe space away from harmful male dominated spaces. Since I run a feminist startup where I sell home-grown shampoo made from feminist honey, I know I need a place to work besides my itty-bitty apartment.  So ya, let’s go! But um the only problem is um… your outfit. I know this might come off as harsh, but if you’re not wearing something fashion-forward like a see-through romper or lace overalls when you go there-you could potentially be shunned.

It seriously is the nicest and most sophisticated group of ladies that work here! Everyone is very welcoming, always willing to listen and very active in women’s political issues, so yeah just don’t wear that weird purple jean jort or someone might seriously have a panic attack or jump out a candy-coated window.

You do not know how fab it is and healing — on Sundays we have a pow wow where everyone in the space literally joins together to talk about issues on our minds like the upcoming election, #diversity in the media and why Gloria Steinem is our patron saint and also has great hair. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by rich women of so many different backgrounds — some are from Park Slope, some from Midtown — wow! And we even have one Asian member because #diversity is powerful. I could totally bring you to that pow wow, I just might need to give you a full body makeover first — have you ever considered going blonde?

I legit have made so many female friends here and I now have connections in the world of fashion, philanthropy and politics! Last month we even got Elizabeth Warren in to read tarot for us and discuss her campaign strategies and how they relate to bettering women’s lives. You know Becky, you might even want to consider joining- as long as you dye your hair, change your…face and burn those jean skorts in a blazing fire. Also it would be great if you could wear a romper made from gold or a long dress made from female tears — Sasha, another member, actually sells those through her fashion line that donates five cents to Planned Parenthood for every thousand dollars she makes!

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