Welcome To My Coffee Shop Aimed At Women Where Everything Is Adorable!

Photo by Gabriela Cheloni on Pexels.com

Welcome to “Butterfly Sparkle Coffee!” a new coffee shop aimed at adult women who want to eat like a 5-year-old girl and/or a Disney princess! All of our coffee has the strength of an out of shape divorced dad because caffeine sometimes can give you a slight headache and that’s scary! Our coffee comes in three different strengths- purple, pink or tinkleberry! We don’t do mochas or cappuccinos or whatever any of those Italian things mean because they just aren’t cute enough. Our specialty drinks include: earl grey soda, elderflower bubble tea and water dyed purple.

Our goal is to bring you the cutest possible coffee and treats our chefs can ever create. Our “Sparkle” baristas/treat curators consist of a pug and a five-year-old girl who thinks she’s Tinkerbelle — that’s how fucking adorable we are! Our menu also features such adorkable delicacies as avocado toast shaped like a heart, a quinoa salad dyed pink and diet rainbow sorbet! If you ask for a bagel, you will be asked to leave immediately.

After you get your food, feel free to sit on our miniature sized chairs that were actually meant for My Size Barbies, but work well for adult females too! We just think small chairs are cuter! Don’t mind the adorable dumps of pink glitter that come from the ceiling periodically — it’s all about creating a vibe! And if they get in your purple coffee — who gives an F? Girls don’t really drink coffee anyway — we just do it for the cuteness. Also we’re not responsible for broken laptops.

We really hope you’ll make “Butterfly Sparkle Princess Coffee!” your go to coffee shop. No other coffee shop in town has their staff incognito in the shop to talk to chicks who look lonely about such topics as flowers or which Disney Prince has the best abs. Also at 4pm on Tuesdays we lock the doors and we release gallons of rainbow glitter in the shop at once to celebrate being a gal! So make sure if you come in the store at 4pm on Tuesday you’re free for the next 3 hours!

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