F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Episodes That Didn’t Make it to Air


The One Where Joey Casually Admits to Sexual Assault 

The One Where Ross Admits That He Hasn’t Seen Ben in Nearly a Decade 

The One Where Chandler Realizes He’s Transphobic 

The One where Monica Gets Heavily Medicated for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

The One Where The Rachel Bathes in and Eats a Pile of Money

The One Where Phoebe Meets the Pimp Who Spit in Her Mouth and Murders Him With a Guitar Pick

The One Where Gunther Hides in Rachel’s Closet for a Night and Gets Arrested

The One Where Joey Goes to a Sex Addicts Anonymous Meeting and Sleeps With Someone in the Coat Closet 

The One Where Ross Beats Paolo and Susan to Death with a Dinosaur Fossil 

The One Where Chandler Tries Stand up Comedy at an Open Mic And Bombs So Hard He Has  Nervous Breakdown 

The One Where Monica Gets a Series of Chef Tattoos and Develops a Heavy Smoking Habit 

The One Where Rachel Forgets Emma Exists 

The One Where Phoebe Is Booed Off the Stage of Central Perk and Throws Her Guitar Into a Dumpster 

The One Where Mike Realizes He Can’t Marry Someone Who’s Lived on the Street

The One Where Ross and Monica Bang

The One Where Joey Goes To Therapy to Confront His Issues with Intimacy but then Goes Down on the Therapist and Is Arrested

The One Where Joey, Chandler, and Ross confront their homophobia and decide to have a threesome at Ross’s Place

The One Where We Flashback to Phoebe and Ursula Living in a Box as Three Year Olds

The One Where Monica is Evicted and Forced To Live in Brooklyn

The One In the Future Where They All Have Iphones and Don’t Speak To Each Other

The One Where They All Have an Orgy and Gunther Films





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