Journey From Messiah To Musician: An Interview With Jesus Christ

We sat down with former Messiah Jesus Christ to discuss his recent and rather controversial move to full time musician. Jesus, who now goes by JC, is set to headline Coachella next year. 

Jesus, thank you again for agreeing to do this interview. It truly is an honor to be in the presence of one of the most influential beings.

No, thank you for having me! Rolling Stones has been on my bucket list for decades now.

Wow! Well, when did you know that music was your true calling?

I’ve always loved music. Growing up, I was a big fan of the original Rolling Stones- which was actually a band that played during the stonings in Bethlehem. I followed them around and ironically (laughs), they were present during my crucifixion. Even then, I enjoyed their songs but obviously couldn’t give them a hand.

Well now you get to work with Mick Jagger and even Marilyn Manson. How did you team up with Manson? That was a rather controversial move. 

Huge fan of Manson actually. I was the one who suggested we collaborate and initially he was pretty hesitant. One night he agreed to meet and we spent hours just talking music and drinking. Turns out we have a lot in common. We’re actually about to collaborate on a remix of Personal Jesus which I am so stoked for.

You’ve been touring and playing mostly colleges and bar shows. What about the church circuit?

(Sighs) It’s tough because I love my faith but Christian Rock is not my style. When I first started, the churches were really pushing to have me play but I felt like a sell out especially because I don’t vibe with some of the lyrics. It’s a bit…outdated. But don’t get me wrong! I love the Christian rock guys, but I don’t want to talk about religion or talk about being saved. What does it even mean to be saved nowadays?

So you don’t believe in being saved?

Umm, well let’s not put words in my mouth. I don’t want to spite you. Kidding, kidding but I’d hate to isolate any of my Christian fans. Look, what I am saying is that music can be more about religion and I’d like to explore that for now.

Have you had any push back from your followers? Family?

Dad was definitely not happy at first. He wanted to pass down the “business” to me but in my heart I knew I wasn’t the best fit. He’s coming around though and I am planning on dedicating my next album, “We’re Gonna Die. I Know This First Hand” to my father.

Wait what? Why is your album called that? Does it have to do with climate change or the upcoming election.

(Laughs nervously) Haha no don’t worry! I’m just exploring my dark side.

Speaking of upcoming election, you have been very vocal about not letting certain politicians use your music. Why is that?

When I went from Messiah to musician, I wanted to be true to myself and there are some things I cannot get behind. Guys like Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell were playing some of my music and it’s like, come on man, we don’t stand for the same shit.

Well, final question, actually a fun question for our readers. If we went to your room, what can we find on your nightstand?

The bible, Newport Lights, and a picture of mom.

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