Supernatural Democratic Debate Rules

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To summon a ghost, at least 2% of the population must invoke their spirit in a seance, or they must get at least 130,000 unique sacrifices.  

If a spooky amount of spirits are summoned, the hauntings will be held over two terrifying nights.

After each haunting, some ghosts may vanish. Others may mysteriously reappear.

Every ghost will get a chance to deliver some prepared Boos at the beginning and end of the haunting, but only the scariest ghosts will get the chance to say BooooOooooOooo throughout the night.

The ghosts must prove they’re ready to take the fright all the way to the White House.

Ghosts who weren’t scary enough will have to go back to haunting their families.

Each haunting will be moderated by a panel of Ghostbusters. During the haunting, the Ghostbusters will try to catch the ghosts, but the ghosts will simply glide past the trap while emitting their bone-rattling stump screech.

Watch out for moderately scary ghosts who are terrified by the other ghosts’ healthcare plans. The only way to put an end to this dreadful spectacle is for one of the ghosts to float above the rest and boo about how we’re all on the same scream.

The scariest ghost stories come from rural America.

Directly following the haunting, paranormal investigators from The Washington Ghost and The Boo York Times will rank the ghosts on their petrifying performances.

If a ghost is captured on camera, that ghost should really set up a selfie line.

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