Pitches For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs

Beyond The Wall
Genre: Rom-Com and possibly musical

Synopsis: Picking up two weeks after the events of the Game of Thrones finale, this will tell the story of Jon and Tormund’s adventures beyond the wall. During the first season, Tormund will realize that he is actually in love with Jon (possibly through the medium of song and dance). The season finale will reveal that what Tormund believed to be unrequited feelings were actually not (also possibly through song and dance). If picked up for a second season, the show will continue to show Tormun and Jon’s lives as a couple. Possible guest appearance by Tyrion who goes looking for Jon after discovering he has abandoned his post at the wall.

West of Westeros: Arya and Drogon Take Manhattan
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi and TV crossover event

Synopsis: While travelling West of Westeros, Arya stumbles upon a still grieving Drogon and the two team up to continue exploring. In the first episode it is revealed that West of Westeros there is a wormhole through which one can travel to other universes. This allows for a crossover between the world of Game of Thrones and the new Gossip Girl spinoff. After arriving in New York, Drogon sets fire to Chuck and Dan, killing them on the spot. Can continue into other seasons, in which Arya and Drogon visit other worlds (season two will be Riverdale and season three will be Friends, the setting of season four is yet to be decided although that has been suggestions of The Simpsons or Breaking Bad).

The Bachelorette: Queen in the North
Genre: Dating show

Synopsis: With the remainder of her family all spread out (across different TV shows) Sansa decides to re-enter the world of dating, this time on her own terms. Princes and nobles throughout Westeros arrive in Winterfell to compete in a Bachelorette-type show. Hopefully this will become popular and we can continue to make various editions of this focusing on different characters, such as Tyrion or Brienne. We are also planning for this one to end with Sansa starting a relationship with a Dornish Prince as we can then spinoff from this spinoff with another show, Sansa’s Southern Adventure.

Isle of Butterflies
Genre: Fantasy and horror

Synopsis: What happens when Grey Worm and the Unsullied arrive in Naath, an island deadly to those not born there? Well, they are attacked by killer butterflies of course (think Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds but with butterflies). You’d think that an army of fierce warriors would be able to easily kill a swarm of butterflies but here that is not the case, as some of the butterflies are carrying machine guns. The butterflies soon take over the ship, possibly killing Grey Worm, and become pirates. There could possibly be a crossover with West of Westeros if the butterfly pirates find the same wormhole as Arya and Drogon. 

Bran the Broken
Genre: Mockumentary

Synopsis: Gives an inside look into the reign of King Bran and the decisions made in council meetings. As Bran is the three-eyed-raven, he knows everything that is going to happen so spends most meetings rolling his eyes at the camera as Tyrion, Bronn and Brienne try and come with solutions to problems. This will also reference the other shows, as Bran can then try and warg with a killer machine gun yielding butterfly. 

Game of Butterflies with Guns
Genre: Fantasy and major crossover event

Synopsis: All of these various shows will culminate in Game of Butterflies with Guns, as the pirate butterflies will eventually attempt to invade Westeros (after successfully invading Essos as they have decided their new aim is world domination). The butterflies prove to be a greater threat than the Night King ever was.

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