5 Jojo Siwa Lyrics To Inspire The Proletarian Revolution

If Jojo loves anything, its hair bows and the overthrow of the bourgeoisie. 

Jojo Siwa is many things. She’s a singer, a dancer, a social media star and a fashion icon. At 16 years old, Time Magazine crowned her “America’s most famous children’s entertainer.” But did you know that she’s also a Communist revolutionary? Check out the following selections from her catalogue which demonstrate how this kooky comrade is secretly leading the youth towards rebellion. 

1. I don’t need money, just a little bit of honey. ~ “Candy Store.”

“Candy Store” presents a shocking renouncement of capitalist values. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx laments how the bourgeoisie “has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than… callous ‘cash payment.’” Siwa tells the powers that be to keep their cash payment; all she desires is a little bit of honey, ‘honey’ of course referring to love, family, and friendship, those beautiful connections that make us all human. 

2. Maybe you noticed something about us, the things we do so well. We do it better when we’re together, and everyone can tell. ~ “Every Girl’s A Super Girl”

Here Siwa fulfills Marx’s prophecy that the proletariat will recognize and harness their inherent power. “Everyone can tell,” croons Jojo, a reference to the fact that European powers already acknowledge and fear the power of Communism. The glittery chanteuse urges listeners to seize this power and commence the revolution. 

3. “I know what you’re sayin’, no need to explain it. We all speak one language, when we burn it down, down, down to the floor.” ~ “World Wide Party”

Marx and Siwa both emphasize the global nature of the proletarian revolution. Marx’s Communists aimed to “point out and bring to the front the common interests of the entire proletariat, independently of all nationality.” Jojo agrees, adding that her listeners all speak one language: the language of revolution. They won’t have any problem understanding each other while burning capitalist infrastructure to the ground. 

4. Bop, bop, twist, twist, check it off your checklist. Chug, chug, kick it, move it, move it, mix it, right, left, all around, disco, disco, to the ground, boogie, boogie, freestyle; then freeze. ~ “Bop”

In “Bop,” Siwa provides the proles with literal instructions on how to seize the means of production. She envisions a world in which her followers raid the factories and proceed to bop, twist, chug, kick, move, mix, and disco to the ground every last piece of private property in sight.

5. Hello, konnichiwa. Hola, como estas. Shalom, marhaba. Ban-gab-seub-ni-da! Ni hao, how ya doin’? Jambo, keep it movin’. Aloha-waii style. C’mon, nama-stay a while! ~ “World Wide Party.”

By giving “shout-outs” to languages across the world, Jojo urges the Siwanators to resist the capitalist inclination towards global uniformity. “[The bourgeoisie] compels all nations… to introduce what it calls civilization into their midst… it creates a world after its own image,” writes Marx. “Not on my watch!” says Jojo. 

Inspired!? Visit jojosiwa.com for merch and check out her collection “Jojo’s Closet 2” at a Target near you!”

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