New “Resting Faces” To Help Appeal To The Male Gaze

Photo by Ali Pazani on

“A certified New York-based plastic surgeon claims that women are increasingly seeking botox and fillers to cure their ‘resting bitch’ face in a new surgery trend.”

Resting “Orgasm” Face

Resting “Into Quentin Tarantino” Face

Resting “I Never Get Angry” Face

Resting “I’m on Tinder” Face

Resting “There Should Be More White Male Late Night Hosts” Face

Resting “Just Finished the Dishes So You Don’t Have To” Face

Resting “I’m Pregnant but So Far Have Only Just Gained Weight on My Boobs” Face

Resting “Of Course I’ll Take Care of the Kids So You Can Pursue Your Dream of Stand-up Comedy on Ice” Face

Resting “I’ll Read Your Manuscript, Steve, and I Know I Will Love All 450 Pages of It” Face

Resting “I Only Pretended I Majored in Art History; I Really Majored in Gender Studies” Face

Resting “I Have an Identical Twin” Face

Resting “#MeToo Has Gone Too Far” face

Resting “I Am Aphrodite, Worship Me. I Was Born Before Man Existed. I Was Just a Heavenly Body Ready to Give Love and Create Love. My Golden Hair Flows for Miles and I Drink the Flesh of The Love Struck and it Tastes So Good. Oh, Please Worship Me Because My Other Worshipers Got Bored of My Demonic Tendencies and I Need New Followers” Face

Resting “I’m Not a Feminist; I Like all People” Face

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