Oddly Personal Women’s March Chants

monochrome photo of resist signage

Shut Up Trump

Shut Up Trump

You Administration Makes Me So Dry

I Cannot Hump (Because of a Medical Condition too but anyway)


Roe V. Wade Was Settled In Court 

So My Creepy Ex-boyfriend Brad’s Baby That I’m Carrying Without His Knowledge

Should Be Free To Abort


Republican Health Care Is The Worst Plan To Boot 

It Doesn’t Even Cover My Meds For Vulvodynia (Vaginal Depression)

Which My Doctor Says Is Dangerously Acute


I Have The Right To An I.U.D.

I’m Personally Thinking of Getting The Copper, Non Hormonal Mirena One

Deeply Wedged Inside Of Me


To Express My Feelings

I Am Awkwardly Hesitant 

For According To My Therapist

I’m Emotionally Reticent

And Although I Feel Quite Cray 

I Can Confidently Say 

That Trump Is Not My President


Every Woman Should Have The Right To Choose

Being A Mother Of Three, Gives Me The Blues


Equal Pay 

Equal Pay 

Even Though I Have Intense, Unmanageable Anxiety About Interacting With My Coworkers 

Every Single Day 


Protection Protection Protection

Of my reproductive rights 

My pussy due to vaginismus is tight

And I need to clear this Yeast Infection 


Women Deserve Respect And Peace 

Especially From My Passive Aggressive, Possibly Conservative Roommate



Hey Hey Ho Ho. Ivanka Trump’s Faux Feminist Clothing Line 

Which I Impulsively Bought Shoes From And Then Guiltily Sent Back After The Whole Nordstrom Fiasco

Has Got To Go


Protect Planned Parenthood 

My Most Recent Checkup With Dr. Correa Regarding My Subpar Reaction To Uti Antibiotics

Was Extremely Helpful And Good


Micro  aggressions Are Mean and Gross 

Especially While in Bed With My Irresistible but Incessantly Condescending Fuck Buddy Lorenzo

Where I Hear Them The Most 


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