Magic Middle-Aged Kingdom: The Gen-X Misadventure Park – Top 20 Attractions

Photo by sergio souza on
  1. It’s a Small World Since My Adult Children Moved Home.
  2. Hot Flash Mountain.
  3. 401K: The Financial Rollercoaster.
  4. Hall of Presidents I Didn’t Vote For.
  5. Moana’s Water Aerobics Surf Party.
  6. Runaway Cholesterol Minetrain.
  7. Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Outlet Mall.
  8. Mr. Toad’s Wildly Fluctuating Testosterone Levels.
  9. Beauty & the Beast Botox Boutique.
  10. Frozen Assets – the IRS Audit Adventure.
  11. 101 Suspicious Moles.
  12. Captain Hook’s Discount Dental Implants.
  13. Alice In I-Wonder-Where-The-Hell-I-Left-My-Phone Land.
  14. Snow White and the Seven Polyps.
  15. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys’ Midlife Crisis Crisis Center.
  16. Cinderella’s Varicose Vein Removal Castle.
  17. Huey, Dewey and Louie, LLC: Your Retirement Planning Specialists.
  18. Pirates of the Colonoscopy.
  19. Tinkle Bell: The Incontinence Experience.
  20. Hakuna Ma-ta-tas Mobile Mammography Van.


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