QUIZ: Are You Ovulating, Or Did You Just See A Picture of Baby Yoda?

It can be hard to tell when you’re ovulating. The signs are often hard to notice, and sometimes, they can be misleading. Next time you think you’re ovulating, think twice: it might not be the case. You might have just seen an image of Baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

1.    Have you noticed any changes in vaginal discharge?

·         I have had more discharge recently.

·         No. I’m too busy fantasizing about snuggling with Baby Yoda to think about that. I hope he’s having a good day and I would die for him!!!

2.    Have you felt more positively towards babies and children in the past few days?

·         Yes, when I see a baby, my heart melts. I want one!!

·         Ew, no human child even comes close to being as cute as this little leathery green alien baby.

3.    Have you experienced any tenderness or pain in your breasts?

·         Yes, they do feel a bit sensitive.

·         My bosom aches only to feed Baby Yoda, fueling him so he can grow into a powerful Jedi master one day.

4.    Have you experienced any changes in your sex drive?

·         Yes, I have noticed that I’ve been feeling more aroused lately.

·         I’ll fuck anything that will be able to inseminate me with one of those tiny green wrinkly babies and nobody can stop me!!!

5.    How long has it been since your last period?

·         About 10-15 days or so.

·         A wise woman once said, “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” As a new mother myself, I couldn’t agree more. Since adopting Baby Yoda as my own, I’ve lost all sense of time. He is my compass, my sweet prince, my son. I am so proud of him and I will destroy anyone who comes between me and my sweet boy. He is so smol. Sorry, what was the question?

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