Restaurant Slogans Or Donald Trump Quotes?

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

by Leigh Lewis

1.     Don’t Bother Me. I’m Eating.

2.     It Takes Two Hands To Hold A Whopper.

3.     The Best Is A Quest.

4.     Meat. Fire. Good.   

5.     Head For The Border.

6.     Buy ‘Em By The Sack.

7.     Grab The Moment.

8.     McDonald’s Sure Is Good To Have Around.

9.     Sometimes You Gotta Break The Rules.

10.  Wake Up With The King.

11.  Kentucky Fried Chicken. Not The Worst Thing In The World.

12.  Fast Food For Fast Times.

13.  We’re Hot And On A Roll.

14.  It’s What I Eat And What I Do.

15.  Did Somebody Say McDonald’s?

16.  Me I Love McDonald’s.

17.  Makin’ It Great Again And Again.

18.  It’s A Whole New Neighborhood.

19.  Folks, Go And Eat Up.

20.  Some Things Are Worth Waiting For.

21.  Think Bigger.

22.  Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined.


1.     Carl’s Jr.
2. Burger King
3.     Donald Trump
4.     Harvey’s
5.     Taco Bell
6.     White Castle
7.     McDonald’s
8.     McDonald’s
9.     Burger King
10.  Burger King
11.  Donald Trump
12.  Burger King
13.  Zero’s Subs
14.  McDonald’s
15.  McDonald’s
16.  McDonald’s
17.  Pizza Hut
18.  Applebee’s
19.  Donald Trump
20.  Donald Trump
21.  Donald Trump
22.  Hooters

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