Honest Responses To Use When Opening Gifts You Hate

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Wow!! I had no idea they made these, let alone in this size! Thank you!

Are you serious? I know I mentioned that I liked elephants once, but I had no idea you were listening. Now I see that it may be the only thing you have ever heard me say!! Hahaha! Thank you!

These are great! I have never owned a pair but have always wondered why people did, and now I will know! Cool, thanks!

Oh my Gosh!! Who told you my size? Seriously, I’d like to know who. 

Wow, you are very impressive! I did not think these were legal in the States! Thank you!

I love it! How did you know purple is one of my favorite colors to have to look at?

These are great! I will put them to use right away. In fact I’ll throw away every single pen I currently own and just use these! Awesome!

O.K. this is crazy! Have you been stalking me? Haha. These are exactly like the ones in the targeted ads I get everyday, just because I googled ‘how do you Tie Dye?’ ONE TIME!!!!

Thank you so much! Hahahahaahah! I swear, I am always genuinely amazed at what you perceive my sense of humor to be! This is really hilarious, I can’t stop laughing. I have to go to the bathroom to compose myself!!

Oh my!! I really can’t accept this, it’s too extravagant! I just bought copies of The Story of Stuff; How Our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities and our Health–and a Vision for Change by Annie Leonard, for everyone. I feel uncomfortable.

I’m crying, this is actually sooooo me. Thank you! I Love it! I am almost in shock because I feel so validated and seen by this gift that you apparently bought nearly a year ago but saved for this moment to give it me be cause it gives you joy to give on this one day! Even though I really could have used it about seven months ago, which is why I took a second job to buy myself one so now I own two! AaahhhhhhHAHHHAHHAHHHAH!! (this turns into a shriek followed by real tears). 

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