Casting Notes For Your Imaginary, Live-Action, All-Feline Nativity Play

Photo by Immortal shots on

by Heather Pegas

In order of appearance…

JOSEPH: Steadfast, strong, faithful. A protector. Morris.

MARY: Must convey the dignity and stillness to inspire a thousand pietas. Problem: wandering off, dragging little robe?  Cinder Block (would stay put.) Duchess? (animated though.) Choupette Lagerfeld.

INNKEEPER: Stern, yet not unyielding. May project vague aura of villainy? Mufasa meets Christopher Walken. Mr. Bigglesworth.

INNKEEPER’S WIFE: As above, possibly crueler. Try Mrs. Norris?

ALL THE ANIMALS IN YOUR PLAY (sheep, cow, penguin, etc.): Snoopy the Cat – big in China, but versatility and presence? Bigglesworth in multiple roles?? Snowball II??? (Doh – animated!) Reach out to Snoopy’s people.      


ANGEL OF THE LORD: Open casting call for Aslan-type.

VARIOUS ASSORTED SHEPHERDS: Curious about strange phenomena; energetic, able to spread glad tidings to all cats of world. 2015 G-20 Summit-crashing cats.

DRUMMER BOY: Must rock manger. Keyboard Cat.

THE THREE KINGS: Wise and/or magical. Seasoned travelers? Will bear precious gifts representing respective cultures.

GASPAR: Henri. Brings up putrid hairball.

BALTHASAR: Dick Whittington’s Cat. Brings dead rat.

MELCHIOR: Maru. Brings a box.

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