Gender Reveals And Other Fun Parties

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Gender Reveal Party

When your friends invite you over to reveal the gender of their unborn child.

Hidden Agenda Reveal Party

When you invite people over for a party, but you secretly want something from them.

Lender Reveal Party 

When you gather friends and family to announce you’ve quit your real job to pursue an acting career, and you need to borrow some cash. You’ll totally pay them back, just as soon as you land your first commercial.

Bartender Reveal Party

When your friends show up at the bar to find you working there, and you have to admit the acting thing isn’t blowing up as quickly as you’d hoped. 

Blender Reveal Party

When you’re beginning to feel like you’ll never make it in show biz, so to dull the pain of your mediocrity, you show up to your improv group with a blender you stole from the bar and everyone gets smashed on frozen margaritas.

First-Time Offender Appeal Party

When your improv group works together to come up with a legal defense for getting that pesky DUI off your record.

Gender Conceal Party

Similar to the Blender Reveal Party, but please keep your pants on this time, ok? And seriously, get an Uber.

Second-Time Offender Appeal Party

Nearly identical to the First-Time Offender Appeal Party, just more tense. Someone tries to joke, “No more margarita parties for you!”, but nobody laughs, and then the guests improvise skits showing how your drinking has personally harmed them.

Surrender Reveal Party 

When British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders his troops in Yorktown, Virginia, after the French Navy shows up to assist the colonies and block the British ships from coming to aid British troops, as depicted in the number “The World Turned Upside Down” from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, which you performed tonight at karaoke. 

Fender Reveal Party 

When you throw a party to show off the new guitar you bought after someone commented “nice” on the karaoke video you posted to YouTube. You’ll need that axe when you write the songbook for and star in the world’s next great, historical musical, Hamilton 2: The Revenge of Hamilton.

Reveille Party 

When you invite some new musician friends over for a jam sesh, but you couldn’t get the hang of that stupid new guitar, so you’re playing the bugle. Who cares though? Lin-Manuel Miranda made it big and you’ve never seen HIM play the bugle. You’ve got one up on that guy.

“I Could’ve Been A Contender!” Reveal Party

When you have your friends over to watch the game, but instead insist they watch you perform your best Marlon Brando monologue, and also would they mind giving you some notes? You have an audition in the morning.

Michael Fassbender Reveal Party

When you’ve kidnapped an Oscar nominee, hidden him in your basement, and forced him to give you acting lessons, but even though his expertise helped land you that audition, the stress of keeping this secret has been too much for your fragile soul and you’re ready to come clean.

Third-Time Offender Appeal Party

Pretty much your standard goodbye party. You’re going to jail.

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