Cast of the 2007 Eisenhower High School’s Production Of Fiddler On The Roof: Where Are They Now?

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Fiddler On The Roof is the show-stopping musical with two songs you recognize, but the 2007 Eisenhower High School production of it was certainly unforgettable. For those who vaguely remember (a.k.a. the Eisenhower High School Fiddler super fans), the unforgettable cast of kids were first introduced to them as just classmates who would harmonize with each other when they speak and share confusing details about their fabled, underwhelming orgy-like cast parties in the hallway. Since that 2007’s original cast’s historic two-day run in the Eisenhower Auditorium the cast has gone on to bigger and better things. Fans are now left awake, drenched in sweat until 2 a.m. asking the eternal question, what happened to the cast of the Eisenhower High School’s production of Fiddler On The Roof?

Golde (Sarah Jones) – Sarah Jones played the witty mother of five daughters and wife of Tevye, Golde. What has she been up to since the production? Well, have you heard of Hamilton? She wasn’t in it, but she just posted on her Facebook page that she won the Hamilton lottery and had a nice time seeing it last weekend. 

Yente – The Matchmaker (Brittany Casey) – Brittany Casey was cast as the village matchmaker and busybody, who was basically the old fashioned version of Tinder! Since then, she’s had a hard time finding love because she her options dried up quickly after kissing everybody at the cast party. Thankfully, Yente fell in love with a guy who held up a large sea bass fish in his Tinder profile picture! Love does win!

Tzeitel (Melanie Smith) – Acting as the eldest daughter of Tevye and Golde, Melanie Smith has gone on to actually star as Tzeitel in a touring company that does Fiddler On The Roof. She no longer goes by Melanie Smith since she was asked to never break character and figures why stop now. Good for you Tzeitel!

Lazar Wolf (Kenny Kim): The wealthy butcher played by Kenny Kim in the production was so grossed out by his time playing a fictional butcher that he turned vegan and is now that annoying guy from high school who posts pictures of his kombucha on Instagram and refuses to have leather his car so he only uses a car in The Flintstones where it’s completely powered by his cartoon footsteps! 

Rabbi (Mark Rosenstein): Mark Rosenstein played the town of Anaetkva’s Rabbi and because he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do with his life at age 18 like the rest of his classmates were forced to do and he forgot to change out of his costume, he became a Rabbi at Congregation Beth Elohim! Shalom Rabbi Rosenstein! 

Tevye (Lenny Davis): The star and narrator of the entire musical, Broadway was calling Lenny’s name with his dream of getting his first Tony award by age 26. When Lenny had trouble finding Broadway because his Google Maps wasn’t working and not one New Yorker was willing to, he decided to go into finance and now makes six figures. 

Constable (Gary Martin): Gary Martin at first played the friendly Constable before kicking out all of the Jews out of town thanks to a special order given by his boss and you guessed right, he now works in the Trump Administration. 

The Fiddler (Bruce McHenry): The symbolic Fiddler role was played by Bruce McHenry and we’re happy to say that he’s found an even better roof to do it on lately. McHenry is now fiddling on top of a Red Roof Inn where local townspeople sell meth! Way to go Bruce!

We can’t wait to check in with the cast of misfits every 10 year because as they say it is tradition. 

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