A List Of Debut Writer Lists For Every Aging Writer Concerned They May Have Missed The Opportunity To Be On A Debut Writer List

50 in their 30s Debut Writers Who Are Just Getting Around to the Writing Because They Already Co-Own a Shared Work Space, Did a Ted Talk, Host 3 Podcasts and Have 46,000 Instagram Followers 

40 Under 40 Debut Writers Who Might’ve Been on an Earlier List But They Have Two Jobs and Two Kids and They Love to Write, Sure, But Sometimes They Like to Sleep Between Midnight and 2 A.M.

35 Over 40 But Not Yet 50 Debut Writers So Right in That Sweet Spot Before Things Really Start to go Downhill 

30 Over 50 Debut Writers Because That List Above is so Full of Crap Because Everybody Knows Life Starts After 50 and Why Should Debut Writing be any Different?

24 Exactly 64-Year-Old Debut Writers Who Are Absolutely Leaving Scorched Earth in Their Wake Because They’re at That Age Where They Have Zero Fucks Left to Give

15 70-80-Year-Old Debut Writers With Novels Written Solely in the ER Department Waiting Room But it Works for Them Because They’re There a Lot and Each Time They Have to Wait for Hours Yikes This Health Care System is Messed Up 

11 Over 80 Debut Writers Writing Just the Funniest and Lewdest Shit About Their Life in the Senior’s Home Because Wow if Granny’s Door is Closed on a Friday Night and There’s a Lace Doily Tied Around the Door Handle Make Sure You Knock First

9 in their 90s Debut Writers Who Are Still Hard at Work Everyday Writing Oh No Mr. Walsh We’re Down to 8 Now

5 Debut Writers Who Aren’t Dead Yet

100 Debut Writers Who Died Before They Could “Debut” Even Though They Have Like 10 Books for Sale on Amazon Because You Didn’t Discover Their Books While They Were Alive and Could Enjoy It Way To Go Everybody Nice Job

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