Bingo, Men Getting Out Of Wearing A Condom Edition

Photo by W R on

by Stav

Since so many men treat the health of their sexual partners like a game, why not treat their childish responses like one as well? 

First to yell bingo gets free condoms to take with you so that you’re prepared the next time (and there will be a next time) he pulls the “I forgot mine at home, so I guess we’ll just have to go without haha” card.

B                 I                  N                G                 O

   It’s too hard for me to cum if I wear one!  It costs money  I just don’t see why it’s important[Bitch/Whore/Whatever other misogynistic insults you receive can count for this space]  I’ll just pull out afterwards (if I remember to)
 I forgot mine at home, so I guess we’ll just have to go without haha   Please  I never wear condoms and have never had a problem  You can’t get pregnant that easily, right?    My dick is too big
   It always falls off!  But I can’t get hard if I put it on  Free Space(It just doesn’t feel as good) I only use [insert name of very specific condom brand here] but didn’t bring them Why do you want me to wear one so badly? Do YOU have something?
  It ruins the moment  I don’t have any STIs, so who cares?  You’re on birth control anyways, right?  Too hard to put on  But don’t you like it better without a condom too?
 Last time there was a hole in the condom so it broke and was useless anyways  Last time it cut off circulation   Please!!!   It sucks that you don’t trust me L [Anything about “sensations” or “not being able to feel anything,” etc. can count for this space]

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