Check Out This ADORABLE Air-B&B Listing For A Quaint Plantation Farmhouse In Georgia Called ‘Tara’!

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Looking for the perfect summer getaway where you can live like you’re in the antebellum south without having to confront all of that famous historic unpleasantness? Look no further than this GORGEOUS renovated Georgian Plantation Farmhouse known as ‘Tara’. 


With its white front porch columns and  whitewashed fascinating history, you too can live like a modern southern belle with no care about the modern world or for optics or sensitivity to a painful national shame that we have yet to fully come to terms with. 

Hoop skirts!

Don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy photos in the stunning cotton fields that flank the property. Cotton was King, but you are a QUEEN and Clarendon is definitely the right filter to prove it. 

Sweet Tea!

Be sure to take a break from the fun and games of the countryside to learn about the harsh realities of southern life during the time of the Civil War. One look inside the lavishly outfitted closets in each of the house’s main bedrooms will reveal a treasure trove of historically accurate recreations of late 1800’s southern fashion. Did you know that white women were subjected to wearing impossibly tight corsets in order to flaunt an unhealthy and unrealistic waist size?! Bear witness to the perils of antebellum womanhood by trying on the various accessories and accoutrements that made living life as a white woman even more challenging than it undeniably is today! Take the lessons with you, and remember just how far white women we have come. 


After your moving and eye-opening history lesson, take a stroll beyond the main house to the adorably renovated shacks cottages that once housed the slaves hardworking and well-loved help of the plantation farm owners from long ago! These shacks country-chic event spaces of varying sizes are outfitted with everything from dance floors, mini-bars, guest suites, and even a meditation room where you can finally reflect once and for all on whether you’d rather live in the 1950’s (simpler times! Elvis Presley!) or in the chivalrous antebellum south (a war-time romance! Being the belle of the ball!). The choice is tough but, in the end, who could resist that world-famous southern hospitality?


So make your way to the scenic and historic Tara Plantation Farmhouse in the heart of Georgia. A place where time stands still. And the only history that really matters, is the history you choose to remember alongside the new history you choose to create! After all, tomorrow is another day! for you to be romanticizing a major player in the transatlantic slave trade!

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