Take A Crap On Old Glory? “No Problem!”

Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

by Sherry Vondy Beaver

Now that it’s officially okay for the President to commit high crimes and misdemeanors, people are wondering what, if anything, Donald Trump could do to turn his supporters against him. In the current game of political limbo, where is the bar? Is there even a too low?

I put it to my 29 Twitter followers in a series of questions. In full disclosure, I’m pretty sure 15 of them are bots or Russian trolls. But, it’s a risk you take when gathering this type of important qualitative data. Below are my results, with an example of common responses.

Would you still vote for President Trump if he…

Gave Alaska back to Russia

100% yes (n=19)  0% no (n=0)

“Trump’s a dealmaker. If Russia gets him elected for another term or two, they can have that worthless desert of melting glaciers. We’d be rid of that lefty lady senator who voted against Kavanaugh, too. Hell, throw in California and Oregon, while he’s at it!!!!!”

 Called Ben Carson the N-word in a cabinet meeting

100% yes (n=15)  0% no (n=0)

“LSM would freak. I’d know he was joking. Carson’d laugh, ‘cuz he also hates PC BS. Carson’s the black dude from the primary, right? Cabinet meeting!?!!?? Would be FAF if Trump put staff in a closet. LOL!!!!!”

Walked naked down 5th Avenue, daring people to shout “the emperor has no clothes”

94% yes (n=17)  6% no (n=1)

“I LOVE this guy!!!! Ya never know what he’s gonna to do. It’s why he’s such a great leader. Also he’s got a great bod, no homo. #BuildTheWall”

Went Number Two on an American Flag

85% yes (n=17)  15% no (n=3)

“If you gotta go, you gotta go.  At one of his rallies, I saw him wipe his nose on a flag while he was hugging it. What else could he do? You can’t have snot & boogers sticking out on live TV.  If Trump ever takes a shit on Old Glory, it’ll be a last resort. No other options. Won’t change my vote. I’d just hope the Secret Service cleaned it up and kept it private, so the liberal press didn’t get a whiff.”

 Filmed himself giving a blow job to Kim Jong-Un

89% yes (n=17)  11% no (n=2)

 “Wouldn’t believe it unless it was the other way around. #FakeNews. But, really, who cares? Trump’s got a plan and if it involves giving Kim a BJ, I trust him. Besides, the economy is great.”

 Grabbed a female soldier by the pussy while inspecting the troops

100% yes (n=22)  0% no (n=0)

 “Trump can be a little crude. But he respects our troops. Unlike Obama. I’ll never get over that time Obama saluted while holding a coffee cup.  #WomenForTrump”

 Kicked a puppy 

72% yes (n=13)  28% no (n=5)

“Was the puppy attacking him? Was it self-defense? Was it one of those sissy rat dogs? You have to look at the big picture and everything Trump’s done for our country. Can’t think of anything right now, but I know he’s done a lot. So, yeah, even if he just kicked it for fun, Don’s my guy. Nobody’s perfect and I respect that about him.”

Replaced  Mike Pence with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

68% yes (n=15)  32% no (n=7)

“That’s pretty extreme. I might wonder about his mental capacity. AOC is a threat to national security. Still, Trump should be able to fire and hire whoever he wants. I don’t know what I’d do! That would be a nightmare. #KeepPence”

Tweeted nice things about Democrats and asked Mitch McConnell to take a vote on the 400 bills they sent to the Senate

25% yes (n=5)  75% no (n=15)

“Ist maddness. Not Trump say like this. #SquadEvil #TrumpForever #HillaryEmail”


0% yes (n=0) 100% no (n=23)

“Apologized?!? What is he, some kind of wuss?! No goddamn way I’d let that kind of behavior slide.”

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