Casting Breakdown For “American Dirt” The Movie

Female, a 38-year-old Mexican bookseller, seeking any ethnicity. Lydia is a cross between café con leche and canela brown skin tone. No other details.

Luca (you know, the Greek name used in Mexico)
Lydia’s son, eight-year-old Mexican boy, seeking any ethnicity. Luca is more cafécito skin tone than café con leche. He might even be closer to café sin leche because he spent a lot of time playing outside in el sol.

Lydia’s husband, 40, journalist, Mexican, seeking any ethnicity. Sebastian is a family man, educated, therefore he spent a lot of time indoors studying, so his skin tone is more café latte with sprinklings of canela on top because he does have some freckles. He dies early in the story so we are looking to cast an actual Mexican in this role. I know we said seeking any ethnicity but we have to say that to get funding. 

The leader of Los Jardineros; the drug cartel, 47, Mexican, seeking any ethnicity. Javier is dashing, wealthy and well-read. Looking for someone with a more European skin tone like café con mucha leche, like mostly leche and just a drip of café.

Female, 18, Honduran migrant traveling alongside Lydia and Luca to the U.S., seeking any ethnicity. Rebeca is a beautiful young woman. The kind of beauty that gets you killed because you know, beauty drives men to kill women. Her beauty is so stunning, and it’s owed to her skin tone which is like café con soy leche or oat leche, any kind of leche that is not creamy, thereby it does not lighten the café that much. You know what I mean? Anyway Rebeca is that color and it is very dangerous for her because it is a color men (and women) find very appealing.  

Female, 18, Rebeca’s sister, but they are not twins, just sisters of the exact same age, also Honduran like Rebeca and also traveling to the U.S. alongside Lydia and Luca, seeking any ethnicity. Just like Rebeca, Soledad is so beautiful it’s like she’s a crime in progress. And her skin tone is like café con condensed leche , which also has the affect of only slightly lightening the café. If drink metaphors aren’t you thing, her skin tone is the color of a bird flying in the air trying to get away from a house on fire. Or if that metaphor doesn’t work for you, her skin is like a thought you once had as a child and by the time you were around anyone to tell them your thought, you had forgotten it.

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