RE: Creative Uses For All Of Your Glossier Waste

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Dear Katie, 

Thanks so much for your question about Glossier’s sustainability initiatives! At Glossier, we know that sometimes really good marketing is really bad for the planet. That’s why we’ve come up with some ideas for what you can do with all of the waste you will inevitably accumulate if you are a regular customer, like we want you to be!

  • Use our empty boxes and containers to build an intricate maze for your pet, or even a small child!
  • Have a bonfire! Well, put your trash into a fire and then drive away to a safe distance. All of those chemicals should NOT be inhaled!
  • Give those cute pink pouches to a women’s shelter, where they will be used a couple of times before they break (sorry!) and then have to be thrown away. 
  • Keep a shrine of all the waste you get from supporting our brand to show your friends that it’s okay to contribute to the capitalist hellscape we call our reality as long as you look really, really cute while doing it!
  • Bring your trash to the Glossier Landfill™ in Hoboken, NJ where we collect all of our excessive branding in a truly mind-boggling, millennial-pink pile!
  • Attend climate change marches and other activist events while wearing a full-face of Glossier makeup! We love to support our customers, even as they strive to transform business practices like ours that contribute to the slow and painful death of our beautiful, fresh-faced planet. 
  • Start buying RMS products. 

We are the future! And here at Glossier, we believe the future will be full of companies feigning to have ethical practices while still very much adhering to the capitalist principles that do so much damage to the planet. Is that morally wrong? We can’t answer that—because we don’t want to. Could we listen to our customers and implement a substantial green initiative that would set a new standard in an industry that is worth $532 billion? Maybe, but that’s a lot of work! 

The fact is that Glossier has already changed the face of the modern beauty industry. Isn’t it a bit much to think we can change its heart, too? 🙂 

Let me know if there’s something else I can help you with! 

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  1. Next up, what do you do with rejection letters? Put them in the bottom of a bird cage / light then on fire for the warmth / shred them up and use them as snow for a play / or crumple them up and shoot hoops. — JenX – “What Do You Do With Rejection Letters?”


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