Local Woman Considers Canceling On Friends Last Minute But Doesn’t

This past Friday, a local New York woman, Jenna Durkee did not cancel plans with her friends. Jenna in the past has had many difficult circumstances that forced her to cancel last minute like “her mother called,” “her pizza hot pockets were at prime hot temp and she didn’t wanna ruin the sensational cheesy experience” and “racoon problems.”

When asked for a comment, Jenna’s friend Sasha said, “We were all surprised and astonished when Jenna actually showed up to Legally Blonde trivia night. She was 45 minutes late but it was such a radical act of kindness so we all cried for at least 15 minutes. We didn’t know she cared enough to show up to a plan she had previously agreed upon! She’s a real friend and truly has a heart of gold.”

As to why Jenna decided to show up to our gathering she said, “Even though one of my fave things is cancelling last minute on my friends, I just had this feeling they would be happy if I showed up. Plus, I’ve watched Legally Blonde like 50 times drunk and wanted some free drinks.”

Jenna’s friend Claire was so moved by this radical act of kindness that she immediately texted her boyfriend that she would clean their kitchen sink when she got home–a chore neither of them liked doing. In response to this he texted her that he would stop hooking up with other people behind her back! Claire couldn’t stop smiling all night, even when Jenna forgot where Elle went to law school.

The local bar owner, Jimmy O’Hoolihan, was so moved by this act of female friendship that he said he will resurrect a statue of Jenna in the bar. “Friendship is all that matters and the fact that she showed up at our bar after so many repeated no shows on her friends, meant so much to us as a bar.”

When asked if Jenna will do better to show up for her friends she said, “Totally! Once I finish this jumbo box of hot pockets, I will def start showing better commitment to ma girls.”

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