Haiku(s): A Snow Day For Grown-Ups

I woke to magic
snow falling from quiet skies
onto the driveway

a silent morning
‘til I run the snow blower
hard labor ensues

I yank the cord hard
this piece of junk never starts
oops, I forgot gas

hey shovel, let’s go
how can flakes be so heavy?
this already sucks

lay down on the ground
deformed snow angel appears
from my back spasm

toboggans race fast
skates glide over frozen pond
I fall on the ice

‘cuz my dumb neighbor
didn’t bother to shovel
even though the rest of the block managed to get up early and clear off their sidewalks, but then he never mows his lawn or rakes his leaves, and he also piles up bags of trash by the side of his house, so I shouldn’t be surprised by his flagrant disregard for pedestrian safety

yay, school is closed
who cares? I’m late for my job
get bent, stupid kids

numb toes, frozen hands
peel off all the damp layers
step in melted snow

wet socks piss me off
and there’s no time to shower
do I smell like BO?

hurry down the street
was that my bus driving past?
eat shit, Metro Trans

the first day of snow
six more long-ass months to go
why do I live here?

winter casts a spell
for some, beauty and wonder
and to those, EFF you

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