Highly-Encouraged Office Happy Hour Not Only Unpaid, You Have To Pay For Drinks

To: office-wide_list_serve
cc: comms
Subject: Happy, Happy-Hour Time!

Hey team, 

In light of recent turn over, we’ve organized an office happy hour to celebrate our new recruits and the amazing journey we’re set to embark on together. As you’ve probably gathered from the usage of “journey,” this is a pivotal bonding opportunity that could shape the whole rest of the fiscal year, not to mention the “team player” section of your performance review. In Casual Friday parlance, “you best be there.” Note: due to continued budget cuts, drinks will not be included.

However, you will be “happy” to note that happy hour drinks are so cheap; you’ll only spend an hour’s worth of wages for the pleasure of hanging out with your co-workers outside of standard working hours at this definitely-not-mandatory-but-highly-encouraged work event! We recommend buying whatever’s on tap, and sticking to one to two drinks, as per your individual alcohol tolerance and budget requirements. 

Get ready to put on your fun-but-still-work-appropriate-smile because everyone will be there, including HR. A gentle reminder: what happens at happy hour, does not stay at happy hour. Happy hour is still very much a part of your work performance, even though you will not be compensated for your time and will in fact, need to purchase drinks.

Cheers! (*wink wink*)
[Insert sparkling “party” gif]

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