Bad Haiku Tributes: I ❤️ Dolly

by Leigh Lewis

Sly Stallone regrets
Rhinestone, not Rocky V? A-
DRIAN! Get your boy

Call ANY challenge
The Dolly Parton Challenge
then please SIGN ME UP 

Hannah Montana
may have fooled me but I’d know
you in any wig

They cloned a sheep, in-
stead of Dolly? No thanks
for the mammaries 

Whitney is a Queen
but Kevin Costner would have
caught that plane for you

The Best Little Whore-
house in Texas? Hello! BEST

Jolene, Jolene, Jo-
lene, Jo-Lee-ee-eene: wretched
harlot, how dare thee?

Though I’m scarcely a
B cup, my back aches in em-
pathy for your plight

As God is my wit-
ness, I would trust Truvy Jones
with my darkest thoughts

Laughter through tears is
my favorite emotion.
Or Starstruck. DOLLY!!!

My dream? I’d 4 sure
watch 9 to 5 24/
7 3-6-5

Two Key Trifectas:
Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Dolly, Jane, Lilly. 

Good girls go to Heav-
en. This girl (two thumbs) is go-
ing to Dollywood

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