List: Things I’ve Thought About Since Last Touching My Face

Touching my face

Touching my hair

Touching my beard

Henry V

Henry VIII

Oh Henry!

Touching my face

My parents’ divorce

Touching my face

Typing “Face” into Google and touching the digitized face

Washing my hands so I can touch my face

Touching my coworker’s face

Touching a stranger’s face

The Outback

“Got milk”

Touching my face

The 1927 Yankees

Northern Canada

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Touching my face

Losing my virginity

Losing my hair

Losing my religion by REM

Touching my face

Jimmy Carter’s “A Crisis of Confidence” speech

How many fire ants would it take to kill me?

Touching my face

“Complicated” by Avril Lavigne 

Touching my face

The War of 1812


Touching my face


Ugh, I touched my face. 

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