Daily Itinerary Of A Woman At The Fendi Sample Sale During The COVID-19 Pandemic

6 a.m.: I rise, I shine. Time to journal my feelings! “Nothing ever keeps me down for long–not even a silly pandemic. I’m constantly thinking about how to stay chipper during trying times like these and I know everyone else around me, regardless of their class or position, truly appreciates my infectious spirit and optimism.” 

7 a.m.: Scroll through my Twitter feed–it’s honestly so important to stay up to date with the news and everything. It’s a crazy, crazy world out there, ladies.

7:30 a.m.: I have one mimosa that I make by myself, for myself. I decided a long time ago to stop spending so much money on brunches with the gals and instead just make food at home.  Normally, brunch would cost upwards of $100! But by buying my own champagne and orange juice, I’m saving at least $20 a week–what an insane bargain!

8 a.m.: I stretcccccccchhhh my bodddddddddyyyy. Yes, I am a bit of a yogi.

8:30 a.m.: “Warm water + Laura Mercier’s Creme Brulee Honey Bath = A Very Happy Me.” That’s the instagram caption I post along with a photo of me enjoying a very relaxing bubble bath before I tackle my hectic day. #sponsored #ad

10 a.m.: The Starbucks near my apartment knows my order by heart. I roll up, they roll out the red carpet. I never have any complaints–

10:05 a.m.: Well, this is a first! They had to remake my drink because the new guy gave me three Splendas instead of two. Anywho, just like with COVID, I won’t let this minor setback keep me from living my best life.

11 a.m.: Top down, chrome spinning–that’s the way I pull up to the Fendi sample sale. I park my Escalade on the side of the road and rush to get in line with everyone else. 

11:05 a.m.: Hmmmm not as big of a turn out as last year. Wonder why?

12 p.m.: The wildest thing just happened! I was trying on a beautiful, periwinkle cardigan when this woman, completely unprompted, shoved me and yanked the sweater off my body. She had zero regard for my well-being. I’ve truly never encountered a more inconsiderate person. 

4 p.m.: Wowza, I worked up such an appetite. I always forget how incredibly exhausting shopping can be–but the Fendi sample sale is an absolute MUST if you’re a serious fashionista like moi. 

6 p.m.: I texted the girlies (that’s what my tight-knit group of ten female friends like to call themselves) to see if they’d like to grab a bite to eat.

6:01 p.m.: Sarah texted back,“Plz go home, I’m begging you.” Okay, looks like someone’s getting kicked out of the groupchat.  

8 p.m.: CRAFT BEER! CRAFT BEER! CRAFT BEER! That’s what me and my nine closest friends chant at our local brewery before I show them pictures of my Fendi nabs from earlier. 

9 p.m.: I post a pic of me and the girlies to the gram and I “accidentally” tag Sarah–she needs to see what she’s missing out on. 

11 p.m.: I wipe off my makeup, wash my face, cleanse my face with coconut oil, wash my face again, and then moisturize. Self care, like my facial oil, is essential. 

11:15 p.m.: Time to sleep, ladies. Gotta rest up for my Williams Sonoma Beginner’s Creme Brûlée Baking class tomorrow!

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