Thoughts Of A Quarantined Mind: A Timeline

Day 1

·      “I love my cozy little apartment.”

·      “It’s honestly kind of nice to have an excuse to relax. Is that bad?”

·      “I think I’ll be more productive working from home. And these Zoom meetings are great!”

Day 2

·      “I’m going to put on real clothes every day to maintain a little normalcy.”

·      “FaceTime is almost like the real thing!”

·      “I can finally get caught up on all my shows. Hell, I might even read a book.”

Day 3

·      “I will emerge from this quarantine in the best shape of my life.”

·      “I’m going to learn Spanish.”

Day 4

·      “At-home workouts are actually kind of fun.”

·      “Como se dice crushing it?”

Day 5

·      “K, no more Spanish. Who has time for Spanish?”

·      “I mean, we don’t need to FaceTime every day…”

·      “Hey, has that little smudge on the wall always been there?”

Day 6

·      “Ha, this apartment isn’t as big as I once thought…”

·      “It’s called athleisure. It’s totally a thing.”

·      “I love these silly little social media challenges!”

Day 7

·      “I hate these stupid little social media challenges.”

·      “I hate these stupid, pointless Zoom meetings.”

Day 8

·      “You really notice how small your apartment is when you NEVER LEAVE.”

·      “Yes, Netflix, I am still watching Love is Blind.

·      “So, that Smudge. Still there. I should probably clean it.”

Day 9

·      “Sweatpants all day, every day!”

·      “Are you judging me, Netflix?”

·      “The Smudge is like—BAM. Right there. How have I never noticed it?”

Day 10

·      “I miss the gym.”

·      “Netflix, I swear. Just keep feeding me that delicious content or I will pull the plug.”

·      “Hmm. I think the Smudge may have grown…”

Day 11

·      “Why do I even bother with sweatpants? Who am I trying to impress?”

·      “Exercise is no longer a part of my life. The couch provides all that I need.”

·      “Okay, the Smudge is definitely bigger…”

Day 12

·      “This. Apartment. Is. A. Goddamn. Shoebox.”

·      “Why don’t my friends ever FaceTime me?”

·      “Just stop looking at the Smudge. Just stop.”

Day 13

·      “A shirt for Zoom meetings, fine. But no pants. Ever.”

·      “Hey, I have friends, right? I didn’t make those up…right?”

·      “Is the Smudge looking at me?”

Day 14

·      “It’s good that I was fired. No more Zoom. No more clothes. Only freedom.”

·      “Are my legs atrophied? Is this what atrophy looks like?”

·      “I swear the Smudge made a noise. But Smudges can’t make noises! Ha! Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. La-di-da.”

Day ?

·      “When did I start talking to myself?”

·      “OKAYYY. The wall is more Smudge than non-Smudge. Wait—is it moving?”

Day ??

·      “Hold on… there was a time before all this, wasn’t there? The Before Time. What was the Before Time?”

·      “Dear God … the Smudge … What in the name of—”

Time is a Construct. Days Do Not Exist.

·      “There is only Smudge, the Dark Lord of the 766-square-foot universe, He who consumes all. There is nothing outside of His black Shoebox dominion. There is nothing without Smudge. All hail Smudge.”

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