Every News Headline Since Quarantine Began

Photo by Produtora Midtrack on Pexels.com
  1. X Number of Cases in Y Country, Z Dead
  2. THIS Celebrity Has COVID-19
  3. THIS Celebrity Doesn’t Plan to Self-Isolate
  4. THIS Celebrity Says Sorry We’re All Stuck Inside, From Their $7 Million Mansion
  5. QUIZ: Are you depressed, anxious, suffering from a personality disorder, lonely, stuck inside, sick with COVID-19, or just plain broken?
  6. This Economic Indicator at its Lowest Level in X Number of Weeks/Months/Years/Millennia
  7. A History of Ventilators
  8. Trump Say What!?!?!
  9. Non-Expert Weighs in On Something They Shouldn’t
  10. Cuomo: Now Hot
  11. How to Disinfect Your Thigh Gap
  12. Is It Still Safe to Masturbate?
  13. Hospitals: They’re Overloaded
  14. Take Your Mind Off the Pandemic With This Sexual Assault Allegation
  15. The Economy and How It Will Never Recover
  16. We’re All Fucked
  17. Podcasts to Enjoy While Cooking This Weekend

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