The Hero Behind The Mask

We were to contain the enemy by the silent threat of a vast unknown desert.

T.E. Lawrence

I watch a hero walk toward the mirror. Today he’s dressed as Spiderman from the neck up,
his hands rotate, body crouches as he slithers and struts closer to the mirror, gets larger
with each step, ready to spin the day as he chooses, secured by his web.

It seems just yesterday a klutz appeared in the same mirror—cracked teeth from
popcorn kernels & fried rice, throat stuck with fish bone, grape-choked, canned-food cut,
toffee candy tooth-filling-pulled, bagel slicing slash—an accident waiting to happen.
But today, a wise and worldly hero, knowing the dangers to avoid,
the conquests to make thanks to his mask.

Tomorrow…a new hero, daring the harsh desert, wearing a Lawrence of Arabia shemagh.
It seems just yesterday there was a schmuck at the end of the hallway. 

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