Slightly Dilapidated Fixer Upper Bureau For Sale – $200 Or Best Offer

Hi guys! So wow, times are tough, huh? Just wanted to see if anyone could help me out.

In light of recent circumstances I’ve decided to move back to my parents’ house in the Pacific Northwest. Sucks to be stuck in NYC right now – thoughts and prayers to you all <3333

Anyway since I need to move pretty quickly I’m unfortunately going to have to part with some of my dearest possessions – like this absolutely to-die-for IKEA dresser.

I was going to just throw the dresser out but it turns out it’s actually really heavy? So I made this post here on the neighborhood Facebook group just in case anyone here wants it. I want it to go to a good home! You just have to be willing to carry it downstairs to the curb from my 9th floor walkup. Normally I’d ask one of my super strong male friends with an unrequited crush on me to come help, but for some reason I can’t get any of them to come visit right now – selfish, much? I really thought that Kevin would help – he was the one who tirelessly hauled the dresser upstairs three months ago when I bought it – but he hasn’t been talking to me at all since I started dating Brad.

I got it brand-new three months ago for $250 but willing to let it go for only $200 OBO. It’s a beautiful brown chest made of fiberboard and acrylic paint. It’s still in great condition, except the couple of times I used it as a goal in a little home hockey game with my boyfriend. That was a mistake! Haha, I guess quarantining together gets the best of you, right? We had a little more aggression to get out than I realized. Just a little battering around the sides, edges and middle. I think it actually looks better now – people usually pay a lot for a piece to look this artistically battered and I already did it for you, hahahaha… (Also fighting with my boyfriend has nothing at all to do with my sudden departure from Brooklyn, I just wanted to go be with my family in these trying times.)

Honestly $200 is a really great deal for such a nice bureau. It really pains me to give it up. I would love to take it with me to the Pacific Northwest to come quarantine with me there (unlike a boyfriend a dresser will never leave you, am I right? Hahaha). It’s just that I got a quote from the movers and it’s going to cost more to move than this thing is worth, hahaha.

Please let me know as soon as you can when you want to come get it. I have to leave for my flight at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning so ideally in the next 30 minutes would be great if you can! I live out by Avenue B and Park, about a mile-long walk from the nearest train station. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you love your beautiful new bureau. Kisses!

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