Quarantine Satire Ideas

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
  • How My Tits Are Handling Quarantine
  • A Day in the Life of My Tits, in Quarantine
  • FAQ: Your Newly Quarantined Tits
  • How to Disinfect Your Tits
  • Food Delivery Apps Respond to Your Tits and The Coronavirus
  • QUIZ: Do You Have COVID-19 Or Just Huge Tits?
  • I Am The Trump Administration, and I Am Here to Take Your Lives, But Never Your Tits
  • What Your Astrological Sign Says About How Much Longer Quarantine Will Last, And Your Tits
  • Famous Philosophers, If They Were Tits
  • Characters in 1990s Sitcoms React to Having Their Tit Sizes Go Up 2 Cups
  • Conversation Starters for Your Tits
  • The Constitution Rewritten by Tits
  • Updated Slogans for Your Tits
  • AirBnB Reviews for Your Tits
  • A Vision Board to Ensure You Get Bigger Tits
  • Other Jobs That Could Actually Just Be Tits
  • Tits (evergreen)

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