Meghan Markle Thee Stallion’s “Savage”

I’m that Duchess 
Been that Duchess, still that Duchess 
Will forever be that Duchess

I’m the biracial Wallis Simpson, break the Windsors into pieces
Had to Sussex some sleazy royals out my circle like the media 
They way too intrusive, I don’t cop their old antiques 
All them wack ass rules, only for fakes and freaks  
Actress, still got that passion
Rebel like Diana, I’m a blogger and in fashion
I’ll never lose my grip on a Prince once I had him
Queen, that’s my man, you the grandma,  sorry Madam!
I’m a savage (yeah) 
Harry, lover, activist (yeah)
Archie, mother, actress (hey, hey, yeah)
Hollywood, what’s happening? 
What’s happening? 

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