A Humble Reunion (Regards from The Modified Version Of An Exercise)

by Ashley Seaman

Hi, it’s me. The modified version of an exercise. Wait! Please don’t don’t run from me so fast and with such high knees, I can’t keep up. Just slow down for a few seconds and listen? You have to bring your heart rate down at some point, so when you’re ready, I’ll be here…

Finally. Hi! Remember me when you began your fitness journey? Well, I remember you. We had such a strong connection, you and I. I know you think those days are long gone, but that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about. I was just thinking that maybe there’s a chance we could start things up again? I’m not going to pretend we can go back to the old days. You’ve changed. I can see that. I’m happy for you. Really. I just miss you, that’s all. Um…I feel like you’re not really listening if you’re going to keep tuck-jumping like that.

So fond are my memories of our reverse lunges! They weren’t very deep and they weren’t very fast and we certainly didn’t do a lot of them, but you paid attention to me and I loved that. We were practically inseparable! Every time you substituted butt kickers for a light jog, that was me. Every time you used 3s instead of 8s, that was me. Shavasana? Me! I would make sure the right muscles would be recruited and you wouldn’t squat without me! We were in alignment and I just felt so safe with you. You have to admit how liberating it was to shamelessly do just one sit up!? There was no pressure, it was just…us. There you go again…you know burpees are optional, right? Did you forget you had a choice? Especially while someone is trying to talk to you!

To be honest, I’ve gotten used to being ignored and forgotten while you canoodle with Plyometrics. But do you ever consider how it makes me feel to see you together? At all our old spots: on the mat, on the floor, on the…mat again. That was OUR place, once, you know.

I don’t mean to guilt you or discourage you. Honestly, I love to see you thrive. I’m just a little concerned with how persistently you avoid me. What if you get hurt? Who’s gonna be there for you? Not Plyometrics, I can tell you that. But I’ll be here. I’ll always be here. Maybe there’s room in your life for Plyometrics AND me? Just sometimes?  

Well, I tried. I guess it really is over. Unless…what is happening–is this–are you doing pushups on your knees!? You came back to me! I love you, too. 

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