Lawsuits As Plausible As Mississippi and Missouri Suing China for Their Handling of the Coronavirus

Photo by Colin Lloyd on
  • Me suing my ex for dumping me.
  • Women suing our periods for…all of it.
  • My mom suing me for that time I cried in a Target because she wouldn’t get me a new Roomba.
  • Me suing my mom for not getting me a new Roomba.
  • Me suing the wind for $10 because it once made a $1 bill blow away. Who knows what that $1 would be worth now.
  • Viewers suing This Is Us for making us cry.
  • Me suing water for my broken iPhone. I’ve tried and failed at this many, many times. I’ll be honest, it was Diet Coke. I wanted to sound more wholesome in my complaint.
  • Dogs suing rabbits for distracting them from their goal of sleeping all day.
  • Homes suing earthquakes for giving them anxiety.
  • The Ozone suing humans for destroying it.
  • The human race suing God for this whole stupid mess.
  • Users suing Twitter for wasting our time. Actually, I stand by this one.

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