Texts From The Guy Who Just Started “Infinite Jest”

It’s the perfect time to tackle the masterpiece!

Hey, wish we could have gone on that second date before lockdown. Hope you’re hanging in there

What’s up?

Hi cutie

Saw this inspirational quote from The Rock today

I finally got around to starting Infinite Jest again and I’m super excited! It really takes attention and focus, and I want to make sure I mine the good insight

Wow, David Foster Wallace is a genius

Duck Trump, right


I am actually getting fairly stuck on parts of this novel. I know the endnotes contain a decent chunk of context for the storyline and themes, but every time I dive into them, I lose track of the plot and have to re-read several pages. Good thing I’m really smart and should be able to figure it out, but I’m not sure less well-read people could handle it

You awake?

Pic for pic

Every time I sit down to listen to Joe Rogan, I feel like Infinite Jest is staring at and beckoning to me to read more. I just want a break from the damn thing. I forgot my Medium login, but I created a new account so I can start to work through my thoughts. I do like that the main character, Hal, has a photographic memory, which I’ve always thought I had. I could recite all of The Velveteen Rabbit in second grade, and my teacher was floored  

I miss rooftop bars, ya know

After this, I’m taking you to watch me play beach volleyball

I’m hungry (for a nude)

Is DFW joking? At this point, I feel like he’s using large vocabulary words just to taunt the reader. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of big words (from b-school), but I have to keep stopping to look words up on my phone so I can’t imagine what this must be like for the average reader. OVERRATED. He won’t win this. I am going to power through this like I powered through that bar fight with that guy who stepped on my toe

Can you do a push-up boy style?

I’m a Taurus

Just ran my high school mile time


My tummy really hurts ☹️ I had a low-grade panic attack while halfway through Infinite Jest and had to take the rest of my Xanax (stole it a while back from the mom I nanny for). Thankfully, my boy Chet was awake and came to the rescue immediately. He drove to my house and dropped off the perfect care package, in a socially distanced manner of course. He gave me some of his Mom’s leftover ravioli, a sample bottle of Dior Sauvage, and his signed copy of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I feel like a frickin’ nob-head, because I should have spent this time reading the one-and-only Tucker Max in the first place

okay I sent that dick pic BY ACCIDENT

…did u like it?

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