More Drunk Tweets I Deleted

woman in yellow long sleeve carrying blue yoga mat
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on


i wanna b a cult leader

let’s get undressed and listen to moonlight

i have full convos with the planet venus SORRY

i named the tulips in my window beverly WHAT

death uhh…totally imminent

put lotion on feet… put feet in socks excuse me perfect friday

i wish i was a dog like hello flawless life

wanna do me softly by the sea

darfur how is that going

when i die i wanna b reborn as a fat manatee PLEASE

cum seeps out my third eye SORRY

i wanna marry a dead guy WHATT

hungry for brains yum yum yum feed me hunny

do u think i’m nice

i wanna breastfeed like TODAY

i don’t read…jk that’s a persona…i do read…jk i’m kidding again…i don’t read…ok i do…all right yeah i can read and i love it…SUE ME i need to fuq an author like NOW


has anyone seen save the last dance???????!!!!

cheese WOW

i don’t shower

let’s play zip zap zop till we cum

do u think it’s safe to hug a skeleton

i hate salad but i don’t wanna die

thinking of bangin a chupacabra ANYWAY

sylvia plath…so white

kenya WHOA

my mom is my best friend

where is my dad?

azaleas RULE HARD!!!! so pretty. legit totally.

hammered at mcdonalds HELLOOOOOO

i wanna live in the woods alone for a decade BYE

ms trunchbull is misunderstood

how is albania doing

THRIVING IN THE QUAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can’t believe i will die one day LOL









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