TV Characters Respond To Catching COVID-19

Mad Men – Don Draper

After contracting the virus, Don brushes away his symptoms viewing them as a result of a full day of drinking at the office. He’s landed the Purell account but his fever causes him to lose focus. The clients end up being delighted by Don’s completely improvised pitch but are less elated to later learn that a third of the advertisement team has tested positive for the virus. Don, still believing his symptoms to be an unruly hangover, proceeds to infect every secretary at Sterling Cooper. 

The Brady Bunch – Marcia Brady

Once Marcia is sent home by the school nurse, she’s mortified. As the most popular girl at school she can’t afford anyone knowing that she’s tested positive for the virus. Her classmates will think she’s gross! While sick at home, she lies to her peers by saying she’s visiting colleges but her sister Jan quickly tells the whole school that Marcia has actually died.

Sesame Street – Oscar the Grouch

As soon as Oscar learns of the virus, Big Bird is commissioned to purchase Lysol and hand sanitizer to begin disinfecting Oscar’s garbage areas. Elmo teaches Oscar how to finally wash his hands. Oscar becomes the last resident of Sesame Street to become infected by COVID-19 due to his life-long practice of social distancing.

Lost – Kate

After Jack realizes that Kate has demonstrated symptoms of the virus, he insists that she self-quarantines on a separate part of the island. Not one to sacrifice her own freedom, Kate pretends to do so while actually crashing with Sawyer so that he can secretly care for her. Quickly contracting the virus, an asymptomatic Sawyer travels to the other side of the island with the intention of infecting the Others.

The Sopranos – Tony Soprano

After Tony tests positive for the virus, he becomes hell-bent on discovering who it was exactly that spread it to him. Narrowing down his contacts, Tony patrols the North Jersey area to make contact with the man he believes to be the original carrier. Tony plans to kill him in order to prevent the disease from spreading further. The carrier, one of Tony’s nephews, ends up dying in the hospital moments before Tony enters the room.

The Golden Girls – Blanche

Blanche passes away due to medical complications after unfortunately testing positive for COVID-19.

Game of Thrones – The Night King

As the ruler of every white walker north of Westeros, the Night King contracts the virus after a wildling bites him during a battle. The entire army of white walkers become infected but luckily suffer no symptoms having previously died. After a single conflict with Stark-led forces, the entire population of Westeros is quickly infected and hundreds of deaths occur daily. 

Arrested Development – Lucille Bluth

Once Lucille tests positive by paying a premium for one of the very few tests available in her county, she learns that she is asymptomatic. The amount of plastic surgery through the years has caused the virus to not be able to attack as viciously, but Lucille is convinced she’s stable due to her body being in such amazing shape at her age. She quarantines on a small island in the Bahamas, spreading it only to Buster who insists on accompanying her.

Happy Days – Fonzie

Way too cool for stinkin’ newspapers, Fonzie manages to never learn about the virus affecting thousands all over the world. While cruising around town on his motorcycle, he catches the virus while pumping gas but never experiences any symptoms. Secretly the first case in Wisconsin, Fonzie spreads the virus to the entire service staff of Arnold’s Drive-In, and they are forced to close down along with countless other establishments in Milwaukee. 

30 Rock – Tracy Jordan

Once Tracy Jordan runs a fever while filming Honky Grandma Be Trippin’ 2, instead of going to a doctor he shuts himself in his dressing room at the Rockefeller Center so that Kenneth can take care of him. Kenneth, a somehow “essential” employee, obliges by running around the city gathering the items Tracy insists he’ll need. These items include Tracy’s iguana, waffles with syrup, a weighted blanket, 20 bottles of Hennessy, and all of the toilet paper left in New York City. 

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