6 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Hobbies And Ruin What Few Joys You Have In Life

Let’s face it: The stress of that everyday 9-to-5 job can leave you feeling burnt out or depressed. That’s why lots of people turn to hobbies to fuel their creative minds. But you can’t simply enjoy things in this economy! That’s for babies, dogs, and socialists. Instead, turn your hobby into a side hustle that will take up all your precious free time and make you hate the things you used to love.

Turn Your Love of Cooking Into a YouTube Channel
Loving the art of cooking and finding new recipes to try are some of life’s little pleasures. Now, you can become the next Ina Garten by starting up your own cooking channel on YouTube. You’re probably already paying off that KitchenAid (plus pasta attachments) by bringing your lunch to work to save money. Instead, just stop eating lunch altogether so you can put that money toward even more premium ingredients and video equipment. (While you’re at it, who needs breakfast?) Then, when FuryGoddess6969 calls you a bitch for not putting enough garlic in the marinara, you can know that she’s really just jealous of your tiny, childlike wrists and gorgeous DIY mani.”

Start an Etsy Shop For All Your Knits and Purls
You love knitting, right? Sitting back with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, winter’s day, looping yarn onto more yarn until you finally have the merino wool infinity scarf of your dreams. Instead of knitting to relax and unplug, why not start up an Etsy shop to sell your wares? Stay up until 4 a.m. finishing six men’s holiday sweaters and a 3-foot-by-3-foot baby blanket just to have a stranger tell you your price is “too much” before offering you $10 as reimbursement for the six extra-fine baby alpaca wool skeins you had to buy.

Transform Your Second Bedroom into an Airbnb And Never Be Alone Again
You’ve been blessed with a second bedroom in your apartment. Congrats! Instead of enjoying the extra breathing space, why not invite strangers into your home? Who needs alone time anyway? You could have turned that other room into a study, a guest room, a craft room, or a personal gym, but instead, you have George and Kathy from Akron, Ohio to be your temporary roommates. Kathy just asked if she could borrow your Monistat cooling gel and apparently George has never heard of locking the bathroom door.

Leverage Your Love of Animals Into A Dog-Sitting Business
You loooooove dogs! And why wouldn’t you? They are perfect. The problem isn’t with little Pierogi the Pug. Sure, he’s 15-years-old, has cataracts in both eyes, and bumps into walls occasionally, but he’s a good boy. No, the problem is with Yvonne, his finicky owner who has time to send you text messages at 1 a.m. demanding that you immediately send photo confirmation of you putting Pierogi’s eye-drops in every night but takes six days to fulfill your Venmo request.

Teach The Thing You Wish You Were Doing With Your Life
Here’s one for all the would-be Broadway stars and ballerinas out there. They say if you can’t do, teach! You have that theater degree from NYU, why not put it to good use? No, we’re not talking about auditioning for plays and films, we’re talking about becoming an improv coach, yoga instructor, or children’s dance teacher. Some of your students will have lots of talent and a ton of promise, and you’ll get to see them succeed to new levels that you’ve only ever dreamed of! Hey, they might thank you in their Oscar speech. Maybe.

If All Else Fails, Sell Your Anti-Depressants
If you have good insurance: Put those generic anti-depressants to good use by selling them on the street. Drug dealers make big bucks, you know. It’s the ultimate side hustle. There are a lot of people who need access to good mental health treatments out there, so you’re really doing them a favor. Plus, going off those pills will turn you into an emotionally numb husk of a person who isn’t even interested in their hobbies anymore. No emotions, no problems!

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