O Buddy! My Buddy!

Elegy for The Friend You Only See At Parties

O Buddy! my Buddy! Our drinking days are done,
The bars have closed all their doors, the hangovers we have are none,
The outlook is dim, the news is grim, people all sheltering,
what is no more, imbibing past four, you and I distancing;
But O Pal! Chum! Friend!
O the tabs we will not spend,
Where on the couch we distantly lie,
dreaming of bars no one will tend.

O Buddy! My buddy! I hope you’re feeling fine;
Though we live a few blocks apart, now is surely not the time,
For you and I have better friends, ones who worry and check in,
It’s best for us to wait until we can shout over the party din;
O Buddy! Dear chap!
your activities restricted!
Scrolling through pictures only to find,
one of us you had no idea existed.

My buddy does not know my hopes, my dreams, my fears,
Of little import they are, when we come together to cheers,
In my room, safe and sound, from the viral winds outside,
I know not the fate of my occasional mate, I pray she has not died;
Rejoice O friend, when quarantine ends!
You and I will meet again, I think,
I could dare, inquire of your welfare,
But I’d rather it be over a drink.

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