Is My Child Possessed? Renowned Paranormal Investigator Ms. Hex Answers Your Questions

Ms. Hex, I was recently playing peek-a-boo with my 14-month-old when I saw something quite odd as I went to peek for the third time. Perhaps my eyes deceived me, but I believe I saw my child’s head spin around 360 degrees. I was quite startled. Is a spirit responsible for this? Should I reach out to a priest? Will holy water be needed? Please help! – Claire, Topeka 

Claire, my darling, there is nothing to be concerned about, this is quite normal. Remember that your baby is growing everyday, and because of that your child needs to absorb all of the knowledge it can. That is why a 360 degree spin allows a baby to fully comprehend its surroundings, thus reeling in even more knowledge. You should be concerned when your child starts rolling its eyes at you! – Much love, Hex. 

 Dear Ms. Hex, I think I have a serious problem. I have caught my 5-year-old daughter writing “666” on the walls in my house. I know children like to draw on walls, but I feel continuing to write the number of the devil over and over again can only lead to something dark and sinister. What should I do about this? Has the devil entered my household? – Greg, Albany

The only thing that has entered your household is creativity! Seems like your child is expressing herself, Greg. And yes, she should not be drawing on the wall, but she should be taking that beautiful gift of art and spreading it so all the world can see. Do not be alarmed that she has taken a liking to the number 6. Most kids have a favorite number, and she has perfected it. Keep an eye on Van Gogh there, Greg! – Much love, Hex. 

Ms. Hex, I think I am just going to cut to the point because I am quite scared at the moment. I walked in on my 13-year-old son scaling the wall. I found him on the ceiling just crawling back and forth. He noticed that I was standing at the doorway frozen in fear and he just yelled “Get out my room!” in a voice that was not his. Help! – Dina, Memphis

Boys will be boys, Dina. Your boy is now a teenager, and teens not only like their privacy, but they are extremely active! It sounds like your young boy is ready for some competitive activities to release all that energy! May I suggest perhaps rock climbing? Plus he’s 13, Dina, his voice is obviously changing. He’s becoming a man! Do not be scared. Your boy is reaching for the stars! – Much love, Hex.

Ms. Hex,  A few nights ago I found my daughter in the corner of the basement speaking in tongues to no one. This has disturbed me quite a bit. I feel like I should go see a priest immediately. – Charles, Cleveland

Charles, it sounds like your daughter has created her own secret language to talk to her imaginary friend. A girl needs her space, dad! And the basement seems like the perfect little cozy place to set up a girls club. No boys allowed! Kidding, anyone is allowed as long as you know the secret language. – Much love, Hex

Oh God, help! My child has been sucked into the television set! I hear her call out my name from within the TV! What do I do? –  Anonymous

Help you what? Find your daughter an agent? It is obvious that your daughter is interested in being a star. Please do not be concerned that Hollywood will do damage to her. As long as she has your support and love, everything will be okay. My advice to you is to set up some local auditions and see if you have yourself a little Shirley Temple. I mean, we would all be so lucky! – Much love, Hex.

Ms. Hex, I am convinced that my 12-year-old son’s body has been taken over by a dark spirit. I have woken up numerous times in the middle of the night to find him looming over my bed with a look that would give anyone chills. Plenty of sharp objects have gone missing, and he has tried to burn down the house on several occasions. He needs to be exorcised! – Tammy, Little Rock

My dear, Tammy, the only thing that needs to be exorcised is the space between you and your son. Don’t let the bond break; your boy is clearly crying out for attention. I would listen and spend some time with him before he gets older and departs. Perhaps sharp objects have gone missing because he is looking out for you. I mean, you are his mom, Tammy! Just be glad he is reaching out to you; he’s trying his best to hold that bond between mother and son. Don’t run from it! Good luck! – Much love, Hex.

Ms. Hex. I recently wrote to you after I found my young daughter in the woods attempting to sacrifice a raccoon. You informed me that was just her way of telling me she’s ready to own a pet. However, she has continued down the sacrificial route. Your advice did not help. I need answers! – Carol, Salt Lake City

Carol, we all need answers. Like why am I currently being accused of various counts of fraud? I guess we can just label that under the mysteries of life. As for your daughter, it is important that you do not let the devil disrupt your faith. That is what he wants. Continue to have faith and by the end of this your little one will get over her naughty ways involving woodland creatures and my lawyer will convince the jury I’m not guilty. – Much love, Hex.

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