Woman Announces Virtual Library Tour Of Dick Pics Collected During Quarantine

You don’t need to leave your house to get a close up look at these wonderful treasures.

Clarissa Clark, average 31-year-old woman on the internet, announced last Wednesday that she would be opening a virtual tour of the dick pics she’s received since lockdown began in March.

“I want to do my part,” says Clarissa, proud owner of over 100 dick pics. “So many museums and libraries were hosting virtual tours and I thought, how can I help people during this challenging time?”

Scrolling through her saved, and sometimes screen-shotted photos, Clarissa tells us, “Dick pics are just a part of dating, or being a woman with a cell phone. But, the number of pictures I received since March has grown exponentially – I knew I had to do something with the content!”

The exhibit is about more than just explicit photos. When visitors enter the virtual tour, they’ll be able to read accompanying descriptions with the origin of each dick pic. Guests can expect to learn how Clarissa knew each subject before receiving the photo, or, at times, be surprised to learn Clarissa didn’t know them at all!

Clarissa admits that this might seem strange to some, but tells us that everyone can enjoy the exhibit. “Variety is very important to us. The dicks displayed come in all shapes, sizes, and colours – from big black eggplants to wilted week-old baby zucchinis, this exhibit holds diversity as its core value.”

Visitors will be able to virtually enter the “reading room” where they can explore gothic archways, meticulous wood carvings, and marble statues with dick pics hung over their nether bits.

While most of the pictures in the exhibit were unsolicited, Clarissa says that, in the time of social distancing, it’s been nice to get them. “Normally I’d just delete the photos and block the men who send them. But, since I can’t get sexually harassed in person anymore, these pictures have been a sort of constant in a turbulent time. I hope to be able to offer that to other women with the virtual tour.”

The exhibit will open this weekend. When asked by a reporter if she was still looking for more submissions Clarissa said, “No. Please stop sending dick pics. ”

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