HBO-TJ-MAXX Weekly Programming

The Rug With a Parrot On It – this fast-paced reality series challenges budget-conscious B-List celebrities to find any room in their apartment or home that can accommodate a décor item of the week. 

Clearance– a group of middle-age operatives decide to get back into the spy business but need a dozen green tie-dyed hoodies to quickly I.D. each other during undercover missions.

Damaged or Fashion? – a three-part documentary that takes a hard look at the world of distressed jeans, runs in panty hose, one-sleeved jackets, and silk blouses with mustard stains. Are these pieces factory seconds or statements by designers about societal constructs of fashion? Join our host, the floor manager, to find out if we can get a discount from the price on the tag.

Speedy’s Cooking Show – what tasty dish can our master gourmet whip up with a shelf full of ingredients that range from habanero dried figs, a jar of peach salsa, lime fresco gluten free crackers and a bag of licorice jelly beans—all of which have expiration dates that are fast approaching. 

Bikinis in Winter – the three daughters of a Russian mobster instigate an international culture war when they uncover and purchase the global supply of last season’s swimsuits in late November. 

I’ll Make It Fit – a heartwarming sit-com featuring an eccentric but loving family who struggle to squeeze into their too tight trousers or drown in sweaters three sizes too big. Mom’s catch phrases: “It was 50% off. You’ll grow into it!” or “Lose five pounds and it’ll work” begin each episode.

The Credit Slip – this bold dramedy focuses on a woman whose mother insists on purchasing her sequined pillows and half gallons of peony bubble bath. Returning the items past 30 days requires her to accumulate a collection of credit slips that spiral her into an existential crisis.

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