20 Things You Spent Money On This Year That You Should Remember When You Think You’re Done Donating To The Black Lives Matter Movement

1.  Uber you took to happy hour when you lied about being “on my way!” and didn’t have time to take the Subway. ($11.50)

2. Another vodka soda because you asked Emma if you could leave soon and she said “Aren’t you having fun!?? ($12.00)

3. Pregnancy test after googling “implantation bleeding.” ($14)

4. Cat calendar you bought for office Secret Santa at CVS on the way to work the day of office Secret Santa. ($16)

5. Overnight shipping for that document you told mom you put in the mail 3 days ago. ($26)

6. Hanging plants that died and started to smell weird after a week. ($53)

7. Floor length snake skin trench coat that you almost put on every day and decide its “too much.” ($120) 

8. Tickets to see your acquaintance do stand-up comedy. ($7)

9. There is a two drink minimum for audience members?? ($20)

10. 1/6th of the bill at El Camino Taqueira because you didn’t want to seem annoying even though you only had chips. ($18) 

11. Six harmonica set for your dad “as a joke.” ($30)

12. Chipotle burrito hand delivered to your boyfriend who will eat it laying in bed like Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ($9.50)

13. “Babe can you get extra steak?” ($2.00)

14. Same dress in two different sizes; kept the small one because you might lose 5-8 pounds this year. ($55)

16. Shit that was in the checkout line at T.J. Maxx. ($2,300)

17. Uber to get home no matter the cost at 2:15 a.m. on New Years Eve. ($27.85)

18. Adderall from your little brother’s friend. ($40)

19.  Makeup purchased before meeting your brother’s friend because you secretly want desperately to be known as Josh’s hot sister. ($6.50)

20. Cell phone data extension plan so you can spend all day screaming at Twitter, and call it “staying informed.” ($30).

If you are burning red hot with shame, please consider using this article to donate in support of Black lives.

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