22 Quarantine Affirmations That Make You Say, “I Am A Screen Now”

Has isolation left your Zoom social calendar chock FULL of exciting and never-ending activities? Does each video chat leave you feeling more tired and empty than the one before? Then it’s time to strengthen your mindset and build up your sheer will to get through another day of virtual reality! Here are 22 affirmations take your life from screening-ful to meaningful:

  1. I am grateful for every Zoom link
  2. The best virtual happy hour is yet to come
  3. I will forgive myself for the times I thought I was muted, but wasn’t
  4. Screens are good
  5. I am doing my virtual best
  6. I will replace feelings of overwhelming crisis with screens
  7. My inner-peace cannot and will not be tarnished by the world outside my computer
  8. I love screens
  9. Even though my back hurts from 10 hours straight of sitting at a computer, screens heal all
  10. I choose screens
  11. The glow of my computer keeps me warm
  12. Life is a bountiful field of blossoming video chats
  13. No virtual gathering is too big for me to achieve
  14. How great is my screen
  15. My screen is a temple, and I treat it with kindness
  16. The Internet is my true form. I will flourish in all my virtual endeavors
  17.  Screens, Screens, Screens are now filling my life
  18. My screen is full of energy and life
  19. Screens, screens, glorious screens
  21. I am screen
  22. Screen

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