Three Men Die While Praising Elon Musk

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Oh no! Three men just died! It wasn’t from COVID 19, like you thought it might be. After all, they are three men in their 40s. The men seemed to be discussing how incredibly awesome Elon Musk was. Right in the middle of the conversation, they all died. Dammit! Those were three good ones all right. Why did they die? Nobody knows. But they are gone.

Did they have heart attacks? We don’t know. Was it a join aneurysm? Unclear honestly. Did they have pre existing health conditions? We don’t have the details. The only thing they have in common is their fervent LOVE for Elon Musk.

What was their pre death conversation like? you ask. Well, it went a little something like this.

Man 1: I have a business proposition for you both.

Man 2: I love business propositions!

Man 3: Elon Musk would be proud.

Man 1: I say we go into business together.

Man 2: I love doing business!!

Man 3: Elon Musk does business and that guy is awesome!

Man 1: Let’s make sure we get some bitcoin.

Man 2:  I live for bitcoin!!

Man 3: Elon is good at bitcoin. Let’s copy him!!

Man 1 : Oh also, forgot to tell you guys. My wife is having a baby today.

Man 2: Oh really? How come you didn’t tell us about your baby?

Man 1: It just didn’t come up.

Man 3: Do you think you’ll go to the hospital?

Man 1: Absolutely not! We are doing business.

Man 2: Well said. I really REALLY love business.

Man 3: Real quick. Do you have a name for the baby?

Man 1: I was thinking of naming it after an equation. Maybe the quadratic formula.

Man 2: That’s awesome. I love formulas and math!

Man 3: Elon Musk and that ghost singer named their baby something weird like that too. God that guy is the coolest!

Man 1: I wish we could do business with Elon Musk.

Man 2: I wish we could be in a romantic relationship with Elon Musk.

Man 3: I wish we….WERE Elon Musk.

And POOF… just like that, the three men died! They disappeared off the face of the earth, never to return again. Their families were not that upset, and neither were their friends.

Doctors and scientists suspect that their immediate death was linked to an imbalance in the universe. When the three men were discussing how much they loved Elon Musk, the equilibrium of the cosmos was thrown off and the men simply HAD to perish to save humanity. The same doctors and scientists suspect that this universe rule is a spiritual axiom that cannot be undone.

Be careful you business men out there! Discussing how much you like Elon Musk over a business lunch could get you killed. R.I.P. three men. Their business could have been so great!









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